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My name is Jacquie Michelle, I am a yoga instructor, teacher trainer, podcast host, business owner, dog mom, creator, lover of the outdoors, barefoot enthusiast, amateur cook, tree climber, jujitsu practitioner and tiny home dreamer. I am the owner and creator of BloomingHeartWellness and WildHearts Podcast. I also own Body Bliss Yoga Studio and Little Warriors Yoga School located in Camas, WA.

My journey with movement began at a very young age. As an athlete growing up I was constantly seeking ways to not only improve my game but to move my body and keep up with my older brother and his friends. Yoga found me at the tender age of 19 and I have never looked back.

I live in Washington State, right along the Columbia River, in the little town of Camas. Our home is approximately 1100 sq. ft. and I share this space with my partner, his son, our two dogs and a handful of fish. Although we do not currently live in a “tiny” home that has been the direction we have been moving towards for more than a few years.

This is the story of my messy, barefoot, wholehearted, wild journey of attempting to simplify my life, lighten my footprint and love more by living smaller.

Make yourself at home, look around, ask questions and enjoy everything we have to offer.

Until next time…Stay healthy, happy and glowing!